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Installing Guardrails AI

Guardrails AI runs anywhere your python app runs. It is a simple pip install away.

pip install guardrails-ai


Currently in beta, Guardrails AI maintains both stable and pre-release versions.

Different versions can be found in the PyPi Release History:

Install Pre-Release Version

To install the latest, experimental pre-released version, run:

pip install --pre guardrails-ai

Install specific version

To install a specific version, run:

# pip install guardrails-ai==[version-number]

# Example:
pip install guardrails-ai==0.2.0a6

Install from GitHub

Installing directly from GitHub is useful when a release has not yet been cut with the changes pushed to a branch that you need. Non-released versions may include breaking changes, and may not yet have full test coverage. We recommend using a released version whenever possible.

# pip install git+[branch/commit/tag]
# Examples:
pip install git+
pip install git+

Install Guardrails-JS

Guardrails AI also has a JavaScript version. To install the JavaScript version, run:

npm i git+